An August Poetry Marathon with Tupelo Press’s 30/30 project

Some poet once said that “April is the cruelest month,” but I’m definitely voting for August. Bleary, hung-over, stretched-out-sweatpants-of-a-month August – no major holidays, school resuming, and everyone facing the fact that we didn’t accomplish even half of our pre-summer to-do lists. Unless you’re French and enjoying your yearly government-mandated vacation, August is terrible.

Fortunately there’s something to help get us all through! During the month of August 2014, I am participating in a daily poem writing exercise through the Tupelo Press “30/30″ project. I will write a new poem each day and Tupelo will post it on their website alongside the work of several other writers. I would love for you to follow along. (If contemporary poetry isn’t your thing, see my post below for some friendly advice). For complete information on this project and how to contribute, click on the 30-30 Project link above. Thanks for your support!


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