Last Chance to Check Out my 30/30 Project Poems

It has been just over a week since finishing my daily poem-writing project with Tupelo Press’s 30/30 fundraiser.  I really enjoyed the process of writing on a regular schedule and putting new work before an audience of readers, however few. That said, I breathed a sigh of relief when September arrived and I no longer found myself trying to squeeze poem writing in to nap time or staying up late after my husband and baby had gone to bed.  I took a breather this past week and let the poems sit. (And got some physical exercise for the first time in awhile, yay!)

My plan now is to move ahead with editing and submitting the ones I think are worth saving, which means I will need to remove them from this blog site.  Journals and magazines that publish poetry usually want first publication rights, and the jury is out on whether blog posting is considered publishing.  So even though most of the poems here will not remain in their current form exactly, it’s still a good idea for me to take them down.

This means you have ONE MORE WEEK to read any of my 30/30 poems here and then I’ll be hiding them from view starting Sept 15th.  Tupelo Press will still have them archived at their site for the time being.

Thank you to everyone who has been following on this journey, particularly those of you who generously donated to Tupelo on my behalf – keep an eye out for a postcard from me soon.  It is not too late to contribute if you’re able, so please visit this site to make a donation and select my name from the August pull-down menu – I will continue to solicit donations for awhile yet.  Keep an eye out for information on my chapbook, Visitations, which will be available for preorder starting September 29th from Finishing Line Press. Exciting!

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